10 Advantages of Video Advertising

Video Ads... Why are they helpful? Why are they better than a single image or carrousel ones? 

We will leave all the answers below!

"1. Consumer Psychology
Consumer psychology and emotion plays a great role in advertising. Since the last couple of years, the video has become an important part of marketing strategy, and 62% of marketers say that video advertising has increased their business more than 40% than earlier.

Taking psychology into consideration, it is noticed that consumers invest time and sense watching a video of the product that they want or need, and thus can make thoughtful decisions based on facts and logic shown in the video. As videos include audio along with visuals, create more impact on the viewers’ mind.

2. Device Friendly Nature
Now marketers are smart, and they make videos device friendly, more precisely mobile friendly. Video ads perform well among mobile users. A number of people watch videos on mobile devices more than they are active in social media profiles. 90% of B2B prospects consume online videos to authenticate their purchase decision. Marketers who use videos as their advertisement medium, prefer to keep their video pieces short as within 30 seconds.

3. Videos are Sharable
Today’s users expect advertising to be brief, targeted and convenient because they love to share what they like and video advertisement has this quality. More than 1 billion videos are being shared on social media daily. Shared video advertisements create a more stimulating environment for consumers by meeting their expectations. It allows brands to inform quickly and visually entertainment that generates a powerful platform for conversion and accurately target consumers and prospects.

4. SEO Benefit
Search engines love the video. Keeping in mind the content marketing trend, advertisement with video is the biggest advantage to the marketers. So companies put a priority on video content to rank high. Distribution of videos on social media, posting them on blogs and embedding them on websites increases the likelihood that helps the target audience to find you when searching for relevant information.

5. Cross-channel Benefit
Video advertising has changed the way that connects the target audience as digital content continues to expand. The cross-channel video campaigns help to get connected with users across websites, social networks, mobile devices, connected TVs, and deliver content fluidly with many other different touchpoints of a consumer’s roadmap. Thus, exposure increases with engaging with content positioned brands for purchase in the competitive segment.

6. Increased Visibility
In-Stream videos offer another opportunity to reach audiences by allowing advertisers to deliver short video ads into both live and non-live videos on any video uploading platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. In-stream video ads are commercials that appear before, during and after Internet videos. This process gives you the opportunity to reach more audience.  These ad videos are most effective and focused on branding. However, you need to take care of showing the actual content in this type of videos as before starting the main video, the option appears “Skip the video in 5 seconds.” So, show as much as possible in the video within the first 5 seconds.

7. Lead generation and conversion
If you go by the ad videos of the big marketers like Amazon or eBay, it would certainly prompt you to go to their site and make the purchase. So it is essential to keep your message tight and eye-catchy, offer value to users with as little disruption as possible and incorporate a strong call to action in your video.

8. Social Media Videos
Mostly all social platforms allow marketers to share videos directly to the targeted audience reach organically. So, video content needs to be tailored around the user’s interests and demographics accessible in social channels, and leverage paid amplification to heighten exposure and engagement. Some social networks offer silently auto-play video options. Thus brands can increase viewing and retention rates from social videos. Furthermore, make sure your video thumbnails are compelling enough to encourage users to stop scrolling and engage with your content. The combination of these tactics can lower down your cost per acquisition and enhance conversion rates. Adapt the content that offers value and stimulates interest without sound.

9. Resource of  Information and Education
Videos are an excellent format for informing and educating. Incorporation of audio and visual elements appeal to multiple senses. From school-going little kids to old aged customers, video ads perform well as an educational and informative tool too. They’re especially effective when used for product demonstrations or in as How-To guides, as viewers can actually see how certain things work or learn a new skill.

10. Resources for Sales Professionals
Video marketing is most effective for sales professionals. The simple reason behind this that consumers like to watch videos! At the same time, it is easier too for the professionals to show the product or service demonstration with audio and visuals together. It helps the consumers to digest the information in an easy way.

So you can see that video offers marketers some insights to help leverage a variety of targeting opportunities and delivery techniques to create effective video advertising campaigns. And if you still think a video is simply a part of your website, you might not have seen a recent video analysis report!

As per the recent report:

  • Teens and 18+ year-olds visit and watch Youtube than any cable TV network at prime time TV hours.
  • 65% of Professionals spend 50% of their time during the day on watching video whether for some purpose or entertainment.
  • Two-thirds of Youtube users watch videos while watching TV at home.
  • Advertisers can reach 56% more 18-49 year-olds by advertising on Youtube and other media platforms.
  • Youtube is recently voted as number one sources of video that teens and millennials couldn’t live without.
  • Video drives more traffic to the website.

Going through all these data, we can say to be visible in such a fast-paced market; brands must adapt the changes in consumer behavior.  It would not be exaggerated to predict that video is going to be the preferred content platform for mobile users and will soon make up two-thirds of mobile online traffic. In 2017, more and more brands will rely less on text-only content in their emails and other promotions, and more on engaging videos."


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